Background of our Educators

The Nail Depot offers experienced educators who have a broad knowledge and skills base with a wide range of products. I believe knowledge is essential and it gives a better education to the students as they are trained in what is required when using different systems. This makes them a more versatile and competent nail technician.

The Nail Depot educators are experienced in training in private and government sectors. Professional development will ensure that the Nail Depot educators will be always up to date with the latest products and technology thus ensuring students receive training that is relevant and current to industry standards.

The Nail Depot training department is committed to providing an education for its students that will equip them with the skills to become outstanding Nail Technicians. The educational values of The Nail Depot place priority on Nail Technicians who are highly motivated and ethically attuned professionals within our industry.

Our aim is to be a place of education which produces the best of the best and instils passion into our students through thorough training be it at beginners or advanced levels. Our aim is also to encourage the students to achieve as high as they can go and to keep their education up to date by attending annual workshops.

We use and distribute the following professional products: